Last Week for KLSU Sports Updates

Carter "The Power" Bryant Tuesday, November 30, 2010 ,
This will be the last week of the semester for KLSU Sports updates. You can always listen to the KLSU Sports staff updates every Monday through Friday at 7:40 am, 8:40 am, noon, 3:40 pm, 4:40 pm and 5:40 pm.

My last updates will be on Wednesday at noon, 3:40, 4:40 and 5:40 pm.

Our weekly sports show "Out of Bounds" will still air on Sunday nights at 6 pm.

Feel free to Email us at or via Twitter @KLSUSports.

Jasper, Peterson -- LSU vs Arkansas Postgame

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LSU kicker Josh Jasper speaks about onside kick attempt after LSU's 31-23 loss versus Arkansas.

LSU cornerback Patrick Peterson talks after LSU's 31-23 loss versus Arkansas.

"Out of Bounds" -- (Guest) Barrett Sallee of College Football News

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Join the KLSU Sports staff tonight at 6 pm CT on "Out of Bounds" on 91.1 KLSU. You can listen live on 91.1 fm or at our live stream on the website.

SEC football columnist Barrett Sallee from will join us to recap this weekend's action. He will also give us a preview of the Iron Bowl and Battle of the Boot next weekend.

The KLSU Sports team will also dig into the Hornets, Saints and other news in the world of sports.

Houston Nutt Postgame -- LSU vs Ole Miss

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Ole Miss head coach Houston Nutt talks about his team's 43-36 loss versus LSU.

Nevis Deserves to be Lombardi Finalist -- Pelican Sports (Video)

Sorry for the latest inactivity of the blog. As you can see, I have been busy doing multiple television projects with Pelican Sports TV.

This was a piece I enjoyed doing with producer Chris LeCoq.  I wrote this column last week on the subject matter. Follow Pelican Sports on Twitter @PelicanSports.

Did Nevis Get Shafted?

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Nevis gave LSU a big boost in the 4th quarter.
Photo via

Today the Rotary Lombardi Finalists were announced. The award is given to the best offensive or defensive lineman in college football. 

I got notification of one of the four finalists via @SECSportsUpdate on Twitter. That's when I knew LSU defensive tackle Drake Nevis was shafted for not being one of the finalists for the prestigious award.

In the famous words of Vince Lombardi, the famous Green Bay Packers coach whom the trophy is named after...



LSU Tiger Grass -- Pelican Sports TV

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This was a feature story I was fortunate enough to be a part of on Tiger Stadium Grass for Pelican Sports TV's Tigers Roar. We all know how yesterday's Birthday Boy feels about the sod, so I journeyed through LSU's campus to see which students also wanted to taste victory.

You can view more videos done by me and Pelican Sports producer Chris LeCoq on our Facebook Page.  Also, tune into Tigers Roar every Wednesday night from 8-10 pm CT. Channels and replays can be found on our website.

Tiger TV -- Sports Showtime Analyst

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I appeared on Tiger TV's Sports Showtime for the second time this year this past Tuesday. I had a ton of fun with my fellow KLSU Sports host Jason Templet.

Go to the 12:30 mark of this video to listen to Jason and I talk LSU Tiger Football, the New Orleans Saints and Hornets.

Note: I am not shaving this month because of "No-Shave November." I want to complete this feat for once during my lifetime. 

My Take on Newton ALLEGATIONS

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Newton deserves the Heisman. Period.
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Notice I capitalize the word ALLEGATIONS. And notice I just capitalized the word in my last sentence.

In this country, we are innocent until PROVEN guilty. That means clear, objective evidence. So for you LSU fans that believe these allegations will magically vacate Auburn's victories this year and push LSU higher in the rankings.

I don't cover Auburn for a living nor do I know much about this situation. But here are two people you need to listen to for a clear view on the story:


LSU Rapper Ripping Up Baton Rouge

Carter "The Power" Bryant Monday, November 8, 2010 , ,

This video highlights my friend John Cefalu, better known in the rap game as "J.C." He has been a friend of mine for two years now, and I still don't know if I have found anybody that can match his LSU fandom and mad raps about the Tigers. You can be a part of J.C.'s entourage on Twitter @JCLSU.

This video was made by my friend Hannah Martin of The Ramen. You can view more of her work here.

Chavis, Peterson Speaks After Alabama Victory

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LSU defensive coordinator John Chavis talks about his team's defensive performance against Alabama.

Patrick Peterson speaks after LSU's 24-17 victory over Alabama.

Les Miles Postgame -- LSU vs Alabama

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Les Miles humors the media with his wit after LSU's 24-21 victory over Alabama.

Three Things to Look For -- LSU versus Alabama Prediction

I can't tell who won here
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We know what's at stake, let's get into the good stuff.

Here are three things too look out for...

2) Julio Jones versus Patrick Peterson, Round Three

This is actually Part II from my column earlier this week about the matchup.

Jones and Peterson have different seasons this year. Peterson started off with a bang as he dazzled many with his abilities to return punts. But these last couple of games have been tough for Peterson, as he has struggled tackling in the open field against Auburn and Tennessee.

Jones has been solid throughout the season, but hasn't had a game until his last against Tennessee that would really stand him out from other receivers. Against the Vols, Jones caught 12 passess for 221 yards.

I think the two will cancel each other out. Jones will make some catches on Peterson but none for big yardage. Peterson is going to jam him early so he knock him off his stride and get him off rhythm. Expect Alabama to run Jones on some short patterns and use his size as his advantage.


"LSU Tailgate Show" from Student Union

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Tune into 91.1 KLSU or for the "LSU Tailgate Show." Richard Fischer from Tiger Rag and Ryan Ginn from The Daily Reveille will join me to preview LSU versus Alabama. Show starts at 11:30 live from the LSU Student Union. 

Follow the KLSU Sports team on Twitter @KLSUSports.

EZ Grill Prediction -- LSU vs Alabama

Carter "The Power" Bryant Thursday, November 4, 2010 , ,
Rachel from The EZ Grill sent me this video earlier today about their prediction for the big game this weekend. Tiger fans, I'm sure this will not disappoint.


Claiborne, Taylor Prepares for Alabama


Peterson vs Jones -- Part I

Peterson vs Jones = Classic
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I can't wait.

I just can't freaking wait.

Patrick Peterson versus Julio Jones.

Russell Shepard said these are two of the best players in the SEC.

The matchup between these talented juniors is what I live for, especially me being a fan of the National Football League. I say this because it will probably be the last time these guys will face each other on Saturdays.

Peterson has nothing to hide regarding the matchup between the two.

"I'm going to be amped up. Julio versus Peterson, Round 3," Peterson said with a big grin on his face.


Players Get Ready for Alabama

Flattering isn't it?
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LSU will welcome in the Alabama Crimson Tide for their biggest home game of the season Saturday. Both teams are looking to stay alive in the SEC West and BCS National Championship picture.

Today, "Lunch w/ Les" was filled with plenty of questions for Les Miles regarding the talented Alabama offense. I would jot down some quotes, but the wonderful people at LSU Sports has the whole conference verbatim on the official site

Here are some news and notes I found interesting from the LSU players from interviews today...

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