The Most Dominant Player on LSU

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The touchdown celebration heard 'round the world.
Photo via KLSU

That number has been the most mind-blowing number this year for LSU football. It is the number of LSU do everything cornerback Tyrann Mathieu

"The Honey Badger" received Heisman attention after a dominant start to the season. But after a below average performance versus Tennessee and being suspended "withheld from play" against Auburn, Mathieu has lost that luster.

There is no denial Mathieu has been an explosive playmaker for LSU. But the number on the back of Mathieu's jersey isn't the craziest number 7 that applies to LSU Football in 2011. 

That number in the opening graph is referring to another player on LSU's team that Mathieu is heavily involved with for the Bayou Bengals. The "7" represents the number of punt return yards LSU has allowed this season through eight games.

The most dominant player on LSU's team this season is Australian punter Brad Wing.


LSU Players Crush Auburn Honey Bader-less

LSU vs. Auburn
"Freak" crushes Auburn QB Frazier for a sack.
Photo via 
Death Valley -- Death Valley almost lived up to it's literal name Saturday. With the way LSU hit Auburn players, it's a surprise nobody actually was sent to the morgue.

I'm not even kidding either.

LSU smashed the living day lights out of the Tigers from the Plains. They hit them really really really hard.

"When the other team is huffing and puffing, we want to hit you that much harder," said cornerback Ron Brooks after the game.

The LSU defense and special teams unit, despite being Honey Bader-less, had another impressive outing against a SEC offense. But LSU did it with more emphasis on Saturday than they have all season. LSU was wearing their Pro Combat Uniforms. It would have been easy to confuse the Bayou Bengals for a NFL team.

But forget about the numbers, the purple and gold Tigers crushed their mascot counterparts with vicious hits all game long. Defensive end Barkevious Mingo tallied two sacks, tying him for the team lead of four sacks for the season. Both times he had clear paths to the quarterbacks because of his speed.

"Our speed made up for some mistakes we made today," said Mingo. "Our coaches feel comfortable with our ability to make plays."

But highlight hit of the day came from an offensive player. LSU true freshman receiver Jarvis Landry hasn't had much playing time at his position this season. But he showed his athleticism on kickoff team against Onterrio McCalebb, who scored the game winning touchdown versus LSU last year.

Sit back and enjoy folks!

Former Texas Tech Head Coach Mike Leach Joins KLSU Sports

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Leach was Big 12 Coach of the Year in 2008.
Photo via Sports Illustrated
Former Texas Tech head coach and Sirius/XM College Football Host Mike Leach will join me today at 4:40 CT on 91.1 KLSU fm to talk about his recent comments on the alleged suspensions of Tyrann Mathieu, Spencer Ware and Tharold Simon

Leach told Beyond U Sports if Mathieu, Ware and Simon were on a team he coached, he would cut them. Leach will share what his drug testing policies were at Texas Tech and how he sees the Bayou Bengals shaping up against Auburn. 

Leach co-hosts "College Football Playbook" weekdays from 12-3 ET and is an analyst for CBS College Sports. He also is the co-author of the explosive college football book "Swing Your Sword."


You can follow Leach on Twitter @Coach_Leach

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KLSU Sports Interview With LSU Cornerback Morris Claiborne

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I caught up with LSU cornerback Morris Claiborne after practice for a quick interview for 91.1 KLSU fm

Morris walked me through his interception versus Tennessee, what Patrick Peterson told him about the interception and his thoughts on not facing Cam Newton against Auburn on Saturday.


Listen to the "LSU Pregame Tailgate Show" Friday at 11:30 am and "Out of Bounds" Sunday night at 6 pm CT on 91.1 KLSU fm or Follow KLSU Sports on Twitter @KLSUsports. 

Past Interviews Include:
LSU Punter Brad Wing
Former Saints Running Back Deuce McAllister 
LSU Cornerback Tharold Simon 
LSU Center T-Bob Hebert & Safety Eric Reid

Where Miles Destroys Saban

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I can't tell who just won the game.
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Nick Saban is the best college football coach on the planet.

He brought LSU and Alabama back to prominence in the past decade. Now both of these teams have a strangle hold on the best conference in America this season.

Les Miles success at LSU was greatly aided by what Saban left him when he bolted to the NFL. Miles has won a BCS national championship and has only lost one bowl game in purple and gold.

Miles scratches Saban's stratosphere when it comes to the best coaches in America. But there is one area Miles crushes Saban.

I will actually let them do the talking...


LSU No. 1 in the First BCS Poll, But What About The Others?

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LSU is the No. 1 team in the country in the poll that matters.
Many Consider this book the 95 Thesis
of college football.
Photo via Death to the BCS 

To bad it doesn't really matter for the Tigers. 

In the first BCS Poll released earlier tonight, LSU was revealed as the best team in college football. Alabama was No. 2, followed by fellow unbeatens Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Boise State, Wisconsin, Clemson and Stanford. 

The Tigers shouldn't pay attention to what a mixture of computers and humans think about them. And Les Miles has let it be known rankings don't affect him or his team. 

If LSU remains undefeated for the rest of the season, they will play in the BCS National Championship in New Orleans for the third consecutive time. The same goes to Alabama, who will play LSU on Nov. 5. If the winner of Oklahoma and Oklahoma St. later this season remains unscathed, they will be the opponent of a SEC unbeaten. 

But is this fair to the four other undefeated teams? Because none of those teams don't play each other, there can be a scenario where there could be six undefeated teams at the end of the year. 

This can be fun. A ton of fun. 


What the LSU Tigers Are Missing This Season

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The LSU Tigers are missing this.
Photo via ATVS
The LSU Tigers are missing the most electrifying part of their football team from the last few years

I'm not talking about Patrick Peterson. Sure "PP7" provided the some of the most exciting moments in LSU history, but "TM7" and the rest of the secondary are making due without their leader.

Stevan Ridley, Charles Scott and Jacob Hester were the bruising running backs Tiger fans have known to come and love. Ridley may have scored a job and season saving touchdown for Les Miles against Tennessee with bad blocking. Scott led the SEC in touchdowns in '08 and Hester was the most popular offensive player on the '07 National Championship Team. But Spencer Ware, Michael Ford and Alfred Blue are beginning into their groove now.

I'm not talking about Kelvin Sheppard, Matt Flynn, Josh Jasper, Demetrius Byrd, Drake Nevis, Gary Crowton, Glenn Dorsey, Ali Highsmith, or any other player/coach from the last few seasons either.

The LSU Tigers are missing close, nail-biting, "Lucky Les Mad Hatter Wizardry" finishes to games this year.


KLSU Sports Interview With LSU Punter Brad Wing

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I caught up with LSU punter Brad Wing earlier today at the LSU practice facility to talk about his wild weekend versus the Florida Gators. 


Listen to "Out of Bounds" every Sunday night at 6 pm and "the LSU Pregame Tailgate Show" at 11:30 am love from the LSU Student Union. Follow the KLSU Sports Staff on Twitter @KLSUSports.

Jordan Jefferson Completes Jump Pass Touchdown Versus Florida

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Death Valley -- Jordan Jefferson "Tebowed" Florida. 
Jefferson said his personal goal is to be the starter.
Photo via Sporting News

The senior quarterback completed a "jump pass" touchdown to tight end Mitch Joseph for a touchdown to give LSU a 34-11 lead over Florida in the third quarter. The Tigers went on to win the game 41-11 to stay undefeated for the season.

"We've been working on that one for a while," said Joseph. "It did feel better doing it against Florida."

Joseph says that because former Hesiman winning quarterback Tim Tebow completed a jump pass touchdown against LSU in 2006. Tebow was 3-1 in his career versus the Tigers. 

Jefferson had a solid outing for the Tigers in limited action. He went 3-4 passing for 61 yards and a touchdown. 

There was plenty of headlines surrounding the possible problems that could happen by Jefferson rejoining the team. Many wonder if it would ruin the rhythm of starter Jarrett Lee's consistent start of the season.

Lee says he doesn't mind having Jefferson back on the team. 

"We're happy to have him back, and he is making plays for us," said Lee. "We're going to continue that and continue working hard." 

Visual Artist Christopher Turner Donates Tiger Stadium Painting to Tigerama Auction (VIDEO)

Visual Artist Christopher Turner took on the challenge of painting a picture in Tiger Stadium during LSU Pregame versus Kentucky. Listen as Turner, Tigerama Executive Director Pam Matassa and the LSU Tigerband share their memories of this event.


Dear Jeff Driskel, The LSU Defense is Filled With Nice Guys

Upshaw chainsawed Brantley out of the Game.
Photo via Gator Bait
Dear Jeff Driskel, 

My name is Carter Bryant and I am the Sports Director for 91.1 KLSU fm. I cover LSU Football and their defense this year is ferocious.

You are a true freshman quarterback that was forced into early action las week when John Brantley was knocked out of the game by Alabama linebacker Courtney Upshaw. Their defense could be one of the best in college football history. When you entered the game, you were crushed.

But you are now the starter of one of the best offenses in college football with some spectacular speed in skill positions. Congrats!

This coming week in Death Valley, the same outcome that happened to Brantley can easily happen again to you. But I want to urge you the players hitting you aren't bad people.


LSU Players Use Twitter to Support Jordan Jefferson's Return

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Jordan Jefferson, Les Miles
Jefferson scored in his first game back w/ LSU.
Photo via AP
Social media has changed sports.

LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson made his return to the LSU football team versus the Kentucky Wildcats last Saturday. He was showered with boos when entered the game in the first half.

Les Miles wasn't pleased with LSU fans after the game. He said he had never booed at a sporting event and fans should be their to support the team.

His players reiterated the same message to the media. But some even went to Twitter to voice their opinions, all backing the senior quarterback.

LSU receiver Rueben Randle left Tiger fans no wiggle room with his tweet.

"I don't preciate how our fans booed JJ wen he got in. Either u wit US or not. That wasn't necessary."

LSU offensive guard T-Bob Hebert said fans who showed their displeasure shouldn't be Tigers fans anymore.

"Anybody who booed #jj9 today needs to stop watching #LSU games and stop cheering for the tigers, we don't need you and don't want you"

Nothing changes on the defensive side of the ball. Morris Claiborne, who was written Jefferson's number on his bicep for every game the quarterback has missed this season, said the team will never leave the Jefferson's side.

"S/O to my boy JJ9 it's good to have u bk man. U no we will always have your bk #team LSU!!"

Twitter has revolutionized sports. With limited interview access to student athletes, Twitter allows them to voice their opinion at any time.

Last week I took a deeper look into which players use Twitter.

LSU Cornerback Tyrann Mathieu Deserves Heisman Recognition

Mathieu has scored twice this season.
Photo via
TIGER STADIUM -- Logic can be simple. 

The most dominant player on the No. 1 team in the country deserves Heisman recognition. 

Tyrann Mathieu has been the most dominant player for LSU this season. LSU is the No. 1 team in the country. Thus, he deserves Heisman recognition. 

"You can't deny he is one of the best players in college football," said LSU linebacker Ryan Baker

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