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Carter "The Power" Bryant Friday, September 28, 2012 , , , , , ,
Since joining DIG Baton Rouge, I have written on a multitude of subjects. Here are a list of my past articles...

Football Polygamy -- How Fantasy Football Has Ruined Our Viewing Experience

Get a Kick Out of This -- When it Comes to Determining a Champion, Football Fans Should Look Elsewhere 

Gap Blitz -- How Tyrann Mathieu Will Be Missed 

FILM STUDY -- How LSU Misses Mathieu on "The Mustang" Formation

Lending a Hand -- Why Team USA Basketball is Playing the Wrong Sport at the Olympics

Pulling at Threads -- Why Team USA Chinese-Made Uniforms Don't Matter 

What's at Steak -- Paul Mainieri's Career is All About The Beef

College Football's Offseason is the Worst

SEC Power Picks Week 5

SEC Power Picks Week 4

SEC Power Picks Week 3

SEC Power Picks Week 2

SEC Power Picks Week 1


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