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ESPNU Campus Connection -- LSU Swag (Video)

This was my feature story on ESPNU's "SportsCenter U" called "LSU Swag." The piece aired a few weeks back for ESPNU Campus Connection. Click here for the original link.

An extended version of "LSU Swag" will air tonight at 8 pm on Pelican Sports TV's "Tigers Roar." Channels, as well as a live stream of the show, can be found on

In my years of broadcasting, never having I seen players have so much fun while doing anything with the media. There was so much more cut out just because of time (which means you should watch "Tigers Roar" tonight). Hopefully more opportunities like these arise continue later on down the road.


Ahmed Mohamed - Economic Advisor said...

That was tight! Great Job! Although, I was surprised there wasn't any dancing going on.

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