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Three Things to Look For -- LSU vs Tennessee Prediction

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LSU is 1-8 over the last two years on CBS.
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The LSU Tigers take on the Tennessee Volunteers Saturday at 2:30 p.m. The Volunteers come into Baton Rouge with a 2-2 record under first year head coach Derek Dooley.

LSU Football has been receiving much national attention through the superhuman efforts of Patrick Peterson so far this year. His "Swag" and ability to take the ball to the house every time he touches it had Tiger Stadium going into a frenzy in the victory versus West Virginia. 

If Tennessee special teams coach Eric Russell wants to keep his job, he must tell his punter to not kick the ball remotely in Peterson's region. Since "PP7" said he doesn't want to call fair catch any more this season, I wouldn't be surprised if Mike the Tiger has a better chance of taking one back.   

Outside of the special teams play, here are three more things to keep an eye on Saturday...

1) Will LSU overcome the CBS curse?

LSU is a dominant force when they play night games, especially in Tiger Stadium. And LSU includes not only the team, but everything else. The atmosphere has a certain electricity at night. 

Before this season began, LSU has not had a great record when their games have been picked up by CBS during the 2:30 pm time slot. The Tigers are 1-5 in those games, with the only win being a 20-13 slugfest  in Athens versus Georgia.

In general, CBS has been bad luck for LSU during anytime. Add three more losses to that previously stated record and LSU is 1-8 in games on CBS over the same time two-year time period. 

One common themes in all of those games were bad starts, particularly on offense. The way LSU is looking this season, I wouldn't expect much different. 

Is it just bad luck? Or does LSU get more pumped for ESPN affiliated games? 

If ABC and The SEC Network are included, LSU in games associated with Mickey Mouse is 12-1. Granted the games are against much easier opponents, but still the numbers are astonishing.

For a change in trend, is anybody opposed to Gus Johnson taking Verne Lundquist's spot for the weekend?   

2) Can LSU get over 100 yards passing from Jordan Jefferson?

I hate stating the obvious. I just do.

This shouldn't even be a question at this point of the season. But LSU had three straight games of under 100 yards passing from their starting quarterback. That is just not acceptable.

But, I believe some blame should go on the guys receiving the football as well. Drops have hurt Jefferson dearly, mainly from Terrence Toliver and Russell Shepard. The quarterback/receiver timing must get better.

Tennessee has some talent in the secondary, lead by Janzen Jackson. No. 15 in orange made a last minute decision to play in Knoxville after committing to LSU.

Before the season began, I mentioned Jefferson had been saying all the right things during the offseason. I was just skeptical at the time of how that would translate on the field.

Jefferson could learn from this guy, minus the TMZ stories
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Right now it is as worse as it's ever been. The guy makes Jay Cutler look like The Shamwow Guy when it comes to body language. Jefferson's head is down more. These last few weeks at player interviews have been horrific. I thought for a second his dog died.

But who can blame them, especially after this next point...

3) Will Tiger Stadium "Boo" again?

Booing is just pathetic. When will fans realize that teams need them most when they are struggling?

But wait just a second here... isn't LSU 4-0?

This hurts me on so many levels. I wrote a few weeks back on why I was concerned with Tiger Stadium.

I thought a superstar could perserve the spirit of the crowd, even when "PP7" provided the most excitement that building has had in years. But that didn't really help.

Miles said after the game he could really care less how his team got to 4-0, but fans want more. They want to see a high-powered offense. It seems they want Terrelle Pryor to run the option on first and second down with Kenyon Barner and LaMichael James, and then on third down have Andrew Luck to toss the football to the Tiger's five-star wideouts against the Tigers' remaining opponents.

LSU is barely scathing out option-first offenses such as Air Force and Georgia Tech in passing. I agree with the Tiger fans, they need to find answers fast. But that doesn't mean boo the team.

The only mistake Miles could make in this situation is for him to not realize that a majority of jeers are directed at him. Fair or not fair, he needs to know Tiger fans are not happy right now.


Though this piece didn't break down roster matchups like other prediction pieces have, LSU will be facing a rebuilding Tennessee program.

The talent gap favors LSU, but it's not as much as people think. This will be a close game. The Tigers do not blow their opponents out and Tennessee usually play superior teams tough.

The Bayou Bengals wins this game with defense, much like they have all season. Former Vols and current LSU defensive coordinator John Chavis has a field day on young gunslinger Matt Simms.

LSU 23 - Tennessee 16


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