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Trindon Holliday Transitions to the NFL

Carter "The Power" Bryant Wednesday, August 18, 2010 , , , ,

Metairie, La. -- Let me get this off my chest. It's weird watching Trindon Holliday run at full speed while not wearing purple and gold in the process.

Holliday's transition to the NFL has been interesting to say the least. The LSU record holder for the 100 meter dash is making the transition from running back to wide receiver for the Houston Texans.

"I have to come out and show the coaches that I can play receiver," said Holliday right after a heavy dose of reps today during the morning session of Saints Training Camp.

The 5-5, 160 pound rookie has to overcome his size when he faces secondaries in the NFL. While at LSU, Holliday wasn't too effective when he lined up out wide.

The physical nature of corners in the NFL will hamper down the speedster, especially not ever having to worry about coming off a jam in college.

It showed during practice, when Holliday faced off against safety Roman Harper in a 1-on-1 drill. Holliday, who is way faster than Harper, couldn't create separation on a "go-route," was engulfed by Harper's size and couldn't even turn his head in time to locate football.

It also seemed on punt returns during practice that Holliday didn't locate the football as crisply as he did at LSU. In their earlier preseason game versus the Cardinals, he said he played poor and could do a better job in all facets of his game.

But if their is one thing for certain, when he does get the football in his hand, he can take it to the house when given even the smallest seam.

Former LSU track star Gerald Green was at Training Camp to watch Holliday. He summed up Holliday's role perfectly.

"You can't teach speed," said Green. "Opposing defenses don't want to see him with ball is hands in space."

Texans fans hope that world class speed can help the earn a much needed playoff birth in the tough AFC South.


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