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BCS National Championship Prediction

Fairley will pile-drive the opponent.
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The game is only a few hours away, but here a few thoughts and a prediction for the BCS National Championship Game...

The game needs to be moved before NFL wildcard weekend. 

There is little doubt in my mind that the game has lost a little bit of its luster now that the game will be played after a spectacular weekend in NFL games.

And this game has been dragged on for too long. I can't count how many times I've heard players complaining that the game can't come soon enough.


Auburn defensive tackle Nick Fairley is being overhyped for this game.

Notice how I wrote "this game" in my last sentence. Fairley is a spectacular player. As a former defensive tackle, I know when I see somebody special playing at that position.

But Oregon runs an offense where disruptive defensive tackles can easily be stifled. The spread rushing attack wil give Fairley difference looks in his 3-technique (outside shoulder of the guard). The Ducks are  going to trap, double team or zone block him on almost every snap. Don't expect him to get 1-on-1's, where he is most dominant.

Yup. No Money goes to Newton for this.
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Leave the "Cheater" talk for another day.

Can't we just enjoy a matchup of two teams with awesome offenses that move at frantic paces?

Obviously we can't because fans have to bring up the fiasco that went on in the plains this year. Cam Newton could very easily have known about his father receiving moolah for his son's services.

But let's not bring up that Auburn is getting a nice return on their investment. Click here to read this tweet by Clay Travis of Fanhouse for just a small snippet of what I am talking about.

Auburn a lower scoring contest than people think.

Newton will have a performance much like Tim Tebow had versus Oklahoma two years ago. I see offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn grinding out this game for the Auburn offense. Newton's ability to fall forward and get first downs will demoralize an inferior Ducks defense.

Can Thomas perform on the biggest stage?
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Oregon's secondary is underrated but receiving core is overrated. The Tigers' secondary has improved during the back half of the season, which I can see being the difference in this football game.

Oregon head coach Chip Kelly will get frustrated because of their lack of snaps more than a lack of production. It wouldn't surprise me if Auburn freshman Michael Dyer has a bigger game than Heisman candidate LaMichael James.

Darren Thomas will need to be beyond spectacular for Oregon to win. Thomas has tailed off at the end of the season, much like the play of Michael Vick of the Philadelphia Eagles. Like they have all season, Auburn's defense makes the big stop in the second half to win their first BCS National Championship.  

Auburn 27 - Oregon 16


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