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Jordan Jefferson Completes Jump Pass Touchdown Versus Florida

Carter "The Power" Bryant Saturday, October 8, 2011 , , , , , , ,
Death Valley -- Jordan Jefferson "Tebowed" Florida. 
Jefferson said his personal goal is to be the starter.
Photo via Sporting News

The senior quarterback completed a "jump pass" touchdown to tight end Mitch Joseph for a touchdown to give LSU a 34-11 lead over Florida in the third quarter. The Tigers went on to win the game 41-11 to stay undefeated for the season.

"We've been working on that one for a while," said Joseph. "It did feel better doing it against Florida."

Joseph says that because former Hesiman winning quarterback Tim Tebow completed a jump pass touchdown against LSU in 2006. Tebow was 3-1 in his career versus the Tigers. 

Jefferson had a solid outing for the Tigers in limited action. He went 3-4 passing for 61 yards and a touchdown. 

There was plenty of headlines surrounding the possible problems that could happen by Jefferson rejoining the team. Many wonder if it would ruin the rhythm of starter Jarrett Lee's consistent start of the season.

Lee says he doesn't mind having Jefferson back on the team. 

"We're happy to have him back, and he is making plays for us," said Lee. "We're going to continue that and continue working hard." 


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