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Where Miles Destroys Saban

Carter "The Power" Bryant Monday, October 17, 2011 , , , , , , , ,
I can't tell who just won the game.
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Nick Saban is the best college football coach on the planet.

He brought LSU and Alabama back to prominence in the past decade. Now both of these teams have a strangle hold on the best conference in America this season.

Les Miles success at LSU was greatly aided by what Saban left him when he bolted to the NFL. Miles has won a BCS national championship and has only lost one bowl game in purple and gold.

Miles scratches Saban's stratosphere when it comes to the best coaches in America. But there is one area Miles crushes Saban.

I will actually let them do the talking...

Warning! Saban says the word "Sh*t" 

Warning! Les Miles is Les Miles in this video. 

From what we've seen, Miles is just a funner guy to be around. 

Miles has a phenomenal personality. There is no hiding that. America loves "The Mad Hatter."

It's easy to say Saban is stuck up and blunt because he isn't the most friendly to the media and left LSU despite saying he wouldn't. But I'm not one to judge a person's personality if I'm not ever around him. Plus Saban handled last year's tragic tornado in Tuscaloosa like a pro with all of his relief efforts.

I love Saban. When he talks defensive football, I listen. He makes a strong point in the video above about how the media is in love with conference realignment instead of actual football. 

But if there was a "who-do-I-want-as-my-beer-pong-partner" contest, Miles wins in a long shot. Saban doesn't even get a rebuttal. Miles is affable, Saban makes Donald Trump affable. Les has the media shaking in joyous laughter during his press conference. Saban treats media questioning the way Ozzy Osbourne treats bat heads.

Receiver Russell Shepard has told me players from other schools ask what is it like playing for Coach Miles. Cornerback Morris Claiborne says one of the best feelings in the world is when Miles is holding his team back in the tunnel before games.

I love my job covering Miles. He makes football fun. As Hunt Palmer of Bayou Bengals Insider pointed out after the "thong" joke, "Lunch with Les" every week gets crazy. And Miles can also be serious when he needs to be.

I haven't gone to a weekly Saban presser. But I doubt he ever gets asked about "peepholin'" Erin Andrews.

But no matter how I view the two coaching giants, the winner on Nov. 5 with get the last laugh.


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