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Dear Jeff Driskel, The LSU Defense is Filled With Nice Guys

Upshaw chainsawed Brantley out of the Game.
Photo via Gator Bait
Dear Jeff Driskel, 

My name is Carter Bryant and I am the Sports Director for 91.1 KLSU fm. I cover LSU Football and their defense this year is ferocious.

You are a true freshman quarterback that was forced into early action las week when John Brantley was knocked out of the game by Alabama linebacker Courtney Upshaw. Their defense could be one of the best in college football history. When you entered the game, you were crushed.

But you are now the starter of one of the best offenses in college football with some spectacular speed in skill positions. Congrats!

This coming week in Death Valley, the same outcome that happened to Brantley can easily happen again to you. But I want to urge you the players hitting you aren't bad people.

LSU defensive end Sam Montgomery plays like a wild animal. But he also loves video games and interacting with fans.

Fellow defensive end Barkevious Mingo ran down one of the nation's best running back from behind in the first game of the season. But he is an eloquent speaker and always has a smile on his face.

Jeff should watch this 300 times.
Photo via Cinemania 
Michael Brockers has been a terror in the middle for Tigers at defensive tackle and could arguably bench more than any starter. But Brockers could also arguably be the friendliest member of the group.

Anthony "Freak" Johnson is more manly than most men and he isn't even old enough to buy a beer. But the true freshman could have the most angelic voice on campus as a singer.

Defensive back Eric Reid loves to lay lumber and can't wait to unload on an SEC quarterback on a blitz. But the Dutchtown grad wouldn't hurt a fly off the field.

The LSU defense is a nice bunch of men filled with exuberant personalities and creative minds. But notice that I've used the word "but" a lot in this piece. Because chances are this bunch will have you on your butt throughout the game.

Oh I forgot about that Tyrann Mathieu guy. He is mean. There are "no but's about it." He is a honey badger for goodness sakes.  He takes what he wants.

If you come out alive Jeff, I can't wait to shake your hand in the postgame. Now if you come out victorious, I will call you King Leonidas for the rest of your life

Carter Bryant

(P.S. To show I actually care for you Jeff, here is some advice. If you do have an awful game and want to go out and blow off some steam in Baton Rouge, DON'T GO TO SHADY'S BAR. Long Story.) 


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