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LSU Players Crush Auburn Honey Bader-less

LSU vs. Auburn
"Freak" crushes Auburn QB Frazier for a sack.
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Death Valley -- Death Valley almost lived up to it's literal name Saturday. With the way LSU hit Auburn players, it's a surprise nobody actually was sent to the morgue.

I'm not even kidding either.

LSU smashed the living day lights out of the Tigers from the Plains. They hit them really really really hard.

"When the other team is huffing and puffing, we want to hit you that much harder," said cornerback Ron Brooks after the game.

The LSU defense and special teams unit, despite being Honey Bader-less, had another impressive outing against a SEC offense. But LSU did it with more emphasis on Saturday than they have all season. LSU was wearing their Pro Combat Uniforms. It would have been easy to confuse the Bayou Bengals for a NFL team.

But forget about the numbers, the purple and gold Tigers crushed their mascot counterparts with vicious hits all game long. Defensive end Barkevious Mingo tallied two sacks, tying him for the team lead of four sacks for the season. Both times he had clear paths to the quarterbacks because of his speed.

"Our speed made up for some mistakes we made today," said Mingo. "Our coaches feel comfortable with our ability to make plays."

But highlight hit of the day came from an offensive player. LSU true freshman receiver Jarvis Landry hasn't had much playing time at his position this season. But he showed his athleticism on kickoff team against Onterrio McCalebb, who scored the game winning touchdown versus LSU last year.

Sit back and enjoy folks!


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