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What the LSU Tigers Are Missing This Season

Carter "The Power" Bryant Thursday, October 13, 2011 , , , , , , ,
The LSU Tigers are missing this.
Photo via ATVS
The LSU Tigers are missing the most electrifying part of their football team from the last few years

I'm not talking about Patrick Peterson. Sure "PP7" provided the some of the most exciting moments in LSU history, but "TM7" and the rest of the secondary are making due without their leader.

Stevan Ridley, Charles Scott and Jacob Hester were the bruising running backs Tiger fans have known to come and love. Ridley may have scored a job and season saving touchdown for Les Miles against Tennessee with bad blocking. Scott led the SEC in touchdowns in '08 and Hester was the most popular offensive player on the '07 National Championship Team. But Spencer Ware, Michael Ford and Alfred Blue are beginning into their groove now.

I'm not talking about Kelvin Sheppard, Matt Flynn, Josh Jasper, Demetrius Byrd, Drake Nevis, Gary Crowton, Glenn Dorsey, Ali Highsmith, or any other player/coach from the last few seasons either.

The LSU Tigers are missing close, nail-biting, "Lucky Les Mad Hatter Wizardry" finishes to games this year.

Is this a complaint? Not at all. The Tigers have beaten all of their opponents by at least 13 points and there has been no shortage of jaw-dropping plays.

But one of the main reasons why LSU has been a huge national draw is because they have crazy endings to games. The neutral and/or casual college football fan is always on Miles alert when a Bayou Bengals football game is going down the wire.

Everybody loves the gut-wrenching, topsy turvy, insane, "shouldn't have eaten my mom's spagetti so fast" finishes LSU has provided college football over the past few seasons. 

Fans still love to see LSU. They still come out to see their Tigers even if the games aren't at night. Yet if the game gets out of hand, people leave. Their alcoholic buzz wears off and its hot. They know the Tigers are going to win, why not go back to your respective tailgate, drink in a tent or RV in front of a plasma?

Things may change this weekend when the Tigers travel to Knoxville to take on the Volunteers. There is no need to say how the game ended last year in Death Valley

Once again, I'm not complaining about the lack of close games. My heart rate has deeply enjoyed LSU cruising through their schedule. 

For those missing the close, nail-biting, "Lucky Les Mad Hatter Wizardry" should be patient. He will need all of it on November 5, 2011

That team on that day will be "Damn Strong."


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